My Family

Welcome to the Hug of Seraphim's World Of Whimsy (WOW)

Mum and I at one of the bear shows! This was a Christmas theme show and we won second place for our table and costume combo! My Mum assists me at most all of the bear shows with me. My Mum is very artistic and made fabulous stain glass for many years. She is also one of my favorite photographers! She was always making my clothes while growing up, Halloween costumes and prom dresses. She taught me how to sew and it is a really wonderful thing, sharing the experiences of the bears shows with her!
My Grandma Mary who made bears in the factory prior to WW2 in England! She made bears my whole life so this is a family tradition for me! These are some of the bunny pj bags that she used to make! We finally rescued one this year! It is missing an arm but I plan to recreate the pattern and make some of these for everyone to enjoy!

This is me and my supper talented artistic husband! He is the artist behind any of my sketches of my bears that you might see as well as the creator of all my adverts that you see in the magazines! He is also my biggest supporter and he and I often work together on concepts for my bears! Jason also almost always is the one to name my completed bear!

This is my other grandmother who is holding my bear Anne Shirley in this photo! She too deserves recognition for my place in the world right now! She made toys and especially dolls for all of her life for the children in Trinidad and then for all her children and grandchildren also! She taught me how to sew and knit as well as mend and many of the other olde world arts!

One Christmas my husband made me a bear - Mortimer. It was the same year I made him a bear - Forevermore. But what you might not know is that he does not make bears! It took him months to make Mortimer and he had to sneak things from my sewing room in order to do so! He stole buttons for his eyes and thread for his nose. He had to draw a pattern himself and he hand sewed the entire bear in his workshop in the evenings after we finished a full days work too! Mortimer is my favorite bear!

This is the bear my grandmother Mary made for me when I was a little girl! I loved my Mum's childhood bear so much and wanted him but my grandmother did not like the idea of this bear being so worn and ratty so she took him apart and recreated her pattern again to make me this bear!

This is my Mum with her childhood bear that my grandmother made for her! This is the bear that I loved so very much. He was made of Persian Lamb and had lovely leather paws!

This is my pug - The Butcher and my Italian Greyhound - Jonesy! They are the sweetest smartest pups in the whole wide world! I make mini pugs designed after my little man!

This is my husband, our pups and my Mother In Law - Lynda. If it was not for her I would not be where I am today! She was the first person to see my art and INSISTED that I enter into a small town competition. She has been my biggest supporter and helped me get started with all the business aspects of my bear business. I help to run a family business brewing wine BREWJAYS and she is supper supportive with me working on bears there also!

This is Spider and Hook who are surely the two cats that the cats in Lady and the Tramp were based on! Oh ya... there is no doubt about it! heehee.

And this is my Dad with his Seraphim Bear! He was a really big inspiration in my life also as far as my art goes! He is a wonderful photographer as well as making fabulous dolls - Golliwogs to be precise!
This is my father's childhood bear - Georgie! I had him appraised this year by Ken Yenke and got clarification that he is indeed a Steiff bear! He is the bear that I based my aging on when I began making bears! He is well loved and a real joy to have as part of my forever hug!